COVID-19 Resources


Nursing homes in Illinois are always vigilant in protecting residents and staff from communicable diseases like COVID-19. We will keep this page updated with helpful resources and the latest information from public health officials.

HCCI Updates

4/30/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
4/29/2021 DPH Updated Contact Information of LTC Pharmacies for Additional COVID Vaccine Rollout
4/27/2021 CMS Updated Visitation Guidance
4/27/2021 CMS Updated Testing Guidance for Resident and Staff
4/27/2021 CDC Updated Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations in Response to COVID Vaccination
4/23/2021 CDC Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Pause Lifted
4/23/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
4/22/2021 DPH COVID Long Term Care Data
4/20/2021 DPH Updated Contact Information of LTC Pharmacies for Additional COVID Vaccine Rollout
4/16/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
4/13/2021 CDC Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Paused
4/9/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
4/8/2021 DPH Updated Contact Information of LTC Pharmacies for Additional COVID Vaccine Rollout
4/2/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
3/30/2021 HFS Updated COVID Vaccine Reimbursement
3/29/2021 CDC Updated Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations to Prevent COVID in Nursing Homes
3/26/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
3/25/2021 DPH Contact Information of LTC Pharmacies for Additional COVID Vaccine Rollout
3/19/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
3/19/2021 DPH Updated Reopening Guidance
3/12/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
3/11/2021 CDC Social Media Toolkit: COVID-19 Vaccinations
3/10/2021 CMS Updated Visitation Guidance
3/10/2021 CDC Interim U.S. Guidance for Risk Assessment and Work Restrictions for Healthcare Personnel with Potential Exposure to SARS-CoV-2
3/5/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
3/3/2021 HFS New COVID-19 Fee Schedule
2/26/2021 CDC First Month of COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring
2/26/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
2/24/2021 HFS CARES Act Reporting Template
2/19/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
2/16/2021 CDC Interim Guidance on Testing Healthcare Personnel
2/16/2021 CDC Strategies to Mitigate Staffing Shortages
2/16/2021 CDC Interim Guidance for Returning to Work Criteria after Infection
2/14/2021 CMS New Data Set Released
2/12/2021 DPH A Message from DPH Director Dr. Ezike
2/5/2021 IL Gov IVD Prohibition Continues
2/5/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
2/3/2021 CMS Updated Testing FAQ
2/1/2021 CMS Toolkit on State Actions to Mitigate COVID-19
1/29/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
1/22/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
1/15/2021 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
1/7/2021 CDC Updated Antigen Testing Guidance for LTC
1/6/2021 DPH Instructions to Group Registration for CMS Infectious Disease Training
1/4/2021 CMS Revised QSO for Infectious Disease Surveys
12/20/2020 AHCA AHCA Releases #GetVaccinated Toolkit
12/16/2020 HHS Distribution Begins of Over $24 Billion in Phase 3 COVID-19 Provider Relief Funding
12/15/2020 DPH Mass Vaccination Plan
12/13/2020 CDC Post Vaccine Considerations for Staff
12/13/2020 CDC Post Vaccine Considerations for Residents
12/12/2020 CDC Clinical Considerations for Pfizer Vaccine
12/9/2020 CMS Updated Testing FAQ
12/8/2020 HFS Testing Billing Codes
12/7/2020 HHS New Round of Incentive Payments
12/4/2020 DPH Weekly Webinar Slides
12/2/2020 DPH Rules Make CMS Staff Training Mandatory
11/13/2020 DPH Respitory Protection Program Template
11/6/2020 DPH Webinar Q&A Slides
11/6/2020 DPH Webinar Recording
11/4/2020 CMS Updated Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations
11/2/2020 CMS CMS Launches Nursing Home Info & Resource Center
11/2/2020 HHS Phase Three Provider Relief Fund Instructions
10/23/2020 HFS State Calling for CARES Payment Applications
10/23/2020 DPH Infection Control Emergency Rules
10/21/2020 DPH Revised Reopening Guidance
10/14/2020 CMS Expanded Telehealth for Medicare FFS
10/9/2020 HFS CARES Act Relief Fund Budget Guidance and Instructions
10/9/2020 DPH Webinar Q&A Slides
10/8/2020 DPH Interim Guidance on Antigen Testing
10/8/2020 CMS Accelerated & Advanced Medicare Payment Repayment & Recovery FAQ
10/8/2020 CMS Fact Sheet for Accelerated and Advance Payments for Part A & B
10/7/2020 DPH & CDC Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Flu Outbreaks
10/5/2020 CMS QSO RE: Voting
10/2/2020 DPH Electronic Test Ordering and Reporting Portal
9/29/2020 HFS CARES Portal is Open for Funding Applications
9/29/2020 HFS RedCap Portal Now Live for Point of Care Reporting Registration
9/19/2020 HFS Provider Relief Fund Reporting Guidance
09/15/2020 HFS First Round of CARES Act Funds to be Distributed
09/10/2020 IEMA Facilities to Receive N95 Masks
09/3/2020 HHS Feds Announce $2B in Performance-Based Incentive Payments
08/31/2020 HHS Guidance for PREP Act Coverage for COVID-19 Screening Tests
08/26/2020 CMS Additional Relief Funds FAQ for Medicare Providers
08/25/2020 CMS Regulatory Changes for Staff and Resident Testing and Reporting
08/25/2020 CMS New Infectious Disease Training Program
08/24/2020 CMS Strategies for Isolation of Residents with COVID
08/20/2020 DPH Enroll in I-CARE for Future Vaccine Distribution and Tracking
08/17/2020 CMS Feds Resume Routine Inspections and Release New Toolkit
08/14/2020 CDC Facility-Wide Testing Research
08/14/2020 CDC Residents on Dialysis Could be at Higher Risk for Coronavirus Infection
08/11/2020 DPH Reopening Guidance Power Point Presentation
08/11/2020 DPH Reopening Webinar 8.11.20 Recording
08/10/2020 CDC Updated Criteria to Return to Work for Healthcare Workers with COVID
08/7/2020 HHS CARES Act Provider Relief Distribution
08/5/2020 CMS Updated Testing FAQ
08/4/2020 DPH Test Ordering Portal
07/30/2020 CMS & CDC Payment for COVID Counsel
07/31/2020 HHS Provider Relief Fund Application Portal
07/24/2020 CMS Medicare FFS Updates
07/23/2020 HFS Deadline Extended to Apply for COVID-19 CARES Act Provider Relief Fund
07/22/2020 CMS Feds Announce New Resources for Nursing Homes
07/21/2020 CDC New Federal Testing Guidelines for Nursing Homes
07/20/2020 HHS Civil Rights Guidelines for COVID
07/17/2020 CDC Criteria to Return to Work after COVID
07/14/2020 HHS Feds to Send Rapid Point-of-Care Testing Machines to Nursing Homes in Hotspots
07/12/2020 CDC Considerations for Transferring Patients to Relief Healthcare Facilities
07/10/2020 CMS Additional Resources in Hotspot Areas
07/9/2020 CMS QSO: Ombudsman Access Required
07/9/2020 CDC eCR Now Available
07/9/2020 CMS Five Things About Nursing Homes During COVID-19
07/1/2020 FDA MedWatch Safety Alert for Hand Sanitizer
06/30/2020 DPH County Level COVID-19 Risk Metrics
06/25/2020 CMS Updated Blanket Waivers Restarts PBJ Reporting
06/24/2020 CMS FAQ on Nursing Home Visitation
06/23/2020 CMS National QIO Nursing Home Training Series
06/23/2020 CMS Medicare COVID Data
06/19/2020 CMS Coronavirus Commission for Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes
06/18/2020 DPH Outdoor Visitation Guidance for Long-Term Care Facilities
06/13/2020 CDC Testing Guidelines
06/09/2020 HHS CARES Act Update
06/07/2020 CMS COVID-19 Nursing Home Data
06/04/2020 CMS Feds Release COVID-19 Data on Nursing Home Compare
06/03/2020 CDC Updated: PPE Usage Guidance
06/02/2020 CMS Enhanced Enforcement for Infection Control Protocols
06/01/2020 CMS Focused Infection Control Surveys & CARES Act Funding
06/01/2020 CDC Updated: Guidance on How COVD-10 Spreads
05/28/2020 DPH Updated Guidance: COVID-19 Testing and Response Strategy
05/27/2020 DPH NHSN Group Reporting
5/27/2020 HHS-OIG Audit of Nursing Home Infection Prevention and Control Program Deficiencies
5/27/2020 DPH Specimen Collection, Labeling, Storage and Transportation Procedure
5/27/2020 HHS-OIG Nursing Home Oversight During the COVID-19 Pandemic
5/27/2020 DPH Sample Collection Procedure
5/21/2020 CDC Long Term Care Reporting Module
5/21/2020 CDC Key Strategies to Prepare for COVID
5/12/2020 CMS Letter from Administrator Seema Verma
5/08/2020 DPH Changes to Isolation Period
5/07/2020 CDC Updated Clinical FAQ
5/06/2020 CMS QSO: LTC Reporting Requirements
5/03/2020 CDC PPE Mobile Tracker App
4/30/2020 CDC Return to Work Criteria for Healthcare Personnel with Confirmed or Suspected Covid-19(Intreim Guidence)
4/29/2020 DPH LTC Reporting Guidance
4/29/2020 OSHA Guidence for Reusing Disposable N95 Respirators
4/27/2020 DPH Considerations for Providers in All Healthcare Settings
4/24/2020 DPH Employee Monitoring Tool
4/23/2020 DPH Temporary Nursing Assistant (TNA) Emergency Rules
4/22/2020 HSS COVID-19 Workforce Virtual Toolkit
4/21/2020 DPH LTC Facility PPE Request Guidance
4/20/2020 CMS Upcoming Requirements for Notification of Confirmed COVID-19 (or COVID-19 Persons under Investigation) Among Residents and Staff in Nursing Homes
4/20/2020 DPH Communicating about COVID-19 in Congregate Settings (Long-Term Care Facilities)
4/17/2020 DPH List of Approved KN95 Respirators
4/17/2020 DPH State-Authorized Personnel Access to Residents of Long Term Facilities
4/16/2020 DPH Health Alert: Imported KN95 Masks Guidance
4/15/2020 CDC Key Strategies for Long-term Care Facilities
4/15/2020 OSHA Staff Illness and Injury Recording Forms
4/14/2020 CDC Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Office
4/13/2020 COVID-19 Long-Term Care Facility Transfer Scenarios COVID-19 Long-Term Care Facility Transfer Scenarios
4/13/2020 Updated: Interm Clinical Guidence for Management of patients with confirmed COVID-19 4/03/20 Updated:Interm Clinical Guidence for Management of patients with confirmed COVID-19 4/03/20
4/13/2020 Updated: Testing for COVID-19 with addeded self checker Updated:Testing for COVID-19 with addeded self checker
4/10/2020 CMS COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Blanket Waivers for Health Care Providers
4/10/2020 CMS COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Health Care Providers Fact Sheet
4/10/2020 DPH IDPH LTC Q&A Presentation
4/9/2020 CMS Dialysis Facilities Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention
4/9/2020 CDC Decontamination and Reuse of Filtering Facepiece Respirators
4/9/2020 CDC Updated: Use Personal Protective Equipment when Caring for Patients with Confirmed or Suspected COVID
4/9/2020 DPH COVID Q&A for LTC: April 10, 2020
4/8/2020 HFS Temporary Transportation Prior Approval Requirement Changes due to COVID-19
4/8/2020 HFS Applying for Medicaid and other Medical Programs During the COVID-19 Emergency
4/8/2020 CMS Office Hours on COVID-19 CMS Office Hours For COVID-19
4/8/2020 Executive Order 22: Healthcare Worker Background Check Act
4/8/2020 CMS Expansion of the Accelerated and Advance Payments Program During COVID-19 Emergency
4/7/2020 IDPH Interim Guidance for Crisis Management for Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers
4/7/2020 CDC Updated Guidance for Optimizing the Supply of N95 Respirators
4/7/2020 CMS CMS Call: COVID-19 with Nursing Homes
4/7/2020 DPH Transfer of Patients from Hospital Settings to Skilled and Intermediate Long-Term Care Facilities
4/6/2020 HFS Notice April 6,2020 Temporary Prior Authorization Requirement Changes Related to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency website
4/6/2020 CMS Video April 3,2020 Medicare Coverage and Payment of Virtual Services
4/6/2020 CDC Webinar March 17,2020 Coronavirus Disease 2019 Update and Information for Long-term Care Facilities
4/6/2020 IDPH Updated Guidance for COVID Testing & Reporting
4/3/2020 IDPH Guidance Updated PPE Resource Request Process
4/3/2020 IDPH Webinars Scheduled COVID Questions And Answers
4/2/2020 Executive Order on Liability Protection During COVID-19 Emergency
4/2/2020 CDC Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control FAQs for COVID-19
4/2/2020 CMS Audio & Transcripts of COVID-19 National Stakeholder Calls
4/2/2020 CMS Updated CMS Guidance for LTC Facilities
4/1/2020 CDC Video Preparing Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities for COVID-19
3/31/2020 CMS Memo Long Term Care Facilities: CMS Flexibilities to Fight COVID-19
3/30/2020 CMS Memo Exceptions and Extensions for Quality Reporting Requirement & Value-Based Purchasing
3/30/2020 CDC Webinar Underlying Medical Conditions and People at Higher Risk for Coronavirus Disease 2019 Webinar
3/27/2020 IDPH Nebulizer Treatment Guidance
3/27/2020 CDC
3/27/2020 Governor signs Executive Order Modifying Notary Witnessing
3/27/2020 U.S. Department of Labor New Department of Labor Guidance for COVID-19 The Families First Coronavirus Response Act
3/27/2020 IDPH IDPH Illinois LTCF Assessment for COVID-19 to be completed by March 27th
3/27/2020 CDC Webinar Underlying Medical Conditions and People at Higher Risk for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
3/26/2020 IDPH Webinar Responding to Confirmed or Suspect Cases in Long-Term Care Facilities.
3/26/2020 CMS New Guidance Regarding Enhanced Medicaid Funding for States— Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) FAQ
3/26/2020 CMS Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Medicare Provider Enrollment Relief FAQs
3/26/2020 CMS News Alert CMS approves 12 Additional State Medicaid Waivers to give states flexibility to address COVID-19, FAQs and Guidance on Payment and Grace Periods, Telehealth for Private Coverage and Prescription Drugs, and FAQs on Enforcing Open Payments Deadlines.
3/26/2020 CDC Posted Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers today.
3/26/2020 CDC Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Healthcare Settings
3/25/2020 CDC Personal Protective Equipment Burn Rate Calculator
3/25/2020 Illinois Governor's Office of Early Childhood Development COVID-19: Emergency Child Care for Communities & Providers
3/24/2020 IDPH Public Health Officials Announce 250 New Cases of Coronavirus Disease
3/24/2020 CMS Approves Medicaid Section 1135 Waivers for 11 Additional States in Response to COVID-19
3/20/2020 Prioritization of Survey Activities
3/20/2020 IDPH Long-term Care Guidance for Screening and Assessment of Identified Offenders
3/18/2020 IDPH Environmental Cleaning, Disinfection & Monitoring with Specific Information on COVID-19
3/18/2020 IDPH Clinical and Public Health Guidance for Managing COVID-19 Interim Guidance (Subject to change)
3/18/2020 CMS Releases Recommendations on Adult Elective Surgeries, Non-Essential Medical, Surgical, and Dental Procedures During COVID-19 Response
3/17/2020 CDC COCA Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Update & Information for Long-Term Care Facilities
3/13/2020 CMS Measures to Protect Nursing Home Residents
3/13/2020 Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Nursing Homes (REVISED)
3/13/2020 CDC CDC Preparedness Checklist for Nursing Homes and other Long-Term Care Settings
3/12/2020 IDPH COVID19 for Long Term Care Q & A
3/10/2020 Guidance for Use of Certain Industrial Respirators by Health Care Personnel
3/9/2020 IDPH What LTC Facilities Need to Do to Prepared for and Respond to COVID-19
3/4/2020 Suspension of Survey Activities
3/4/2020 Guidance for Infection Control & Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Nursing Homes
2/6/2020 Information for Healthcare Facilities Concerning 2019 Novel Coronavirus Illness (2019-nCoV)

CDC COVID-19 Resources

How it spreads

  • The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.
  • The virus is thought to spread through person-to-person contact, typically within 6 feet of one another.
  • When an infected person coughs or sneezes, respiratory droplets can spread to the mouth or noses of nearby people.

Protect yourself

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth to prevent any type of virus from entering your body.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze; dispose of the used tissue immediately.
  • Stay home when you’re sick.

Protect your facility

  • Communicate with physician, local health department, regulatory agency, families, staff and residents.
  • Processes and activities which increase residents’ risk should be modified or suspended.
  • Immediately inform the local health department and IDPH of symptomatic residents to determine if COVID19 testing is indicated. Once a positive case is identified in a facility, no additional testing is needed in either residents or staff.
  • Stop large group congregate activities and provide alternatives (arrange in room dining or dining that maintains social distancing and activities, stop bingo, beauty shop, outside volunteer presentations, church, etc.)
  • If not already being performed, begin screening all residents and staff including temperature checks and use of checklists to identify symptomatic individuals.
  • Inform staff to stay home when sick insuring non-punitive practices during this period. Screen all staff prior to shift for temperature and respiratory symptoms. If present staff member should be sent home until symptoms resolve.
  • Focus on decreased staff rotation and cohort staff to work with symptomatic residents whenever possible.
  • Ensure staff are educated on and correctly performing hand hygiene, donning and doffing of PPE, and using appropriate products for environmental cleansing/disinfection.
  • Ensure adequate supplies of PPE are easily accessible to staff.
  • Post signage for Hand hygiene and cough etiquette, ensure necessary supplies to accomplish these tasks are present at all entries and patient care areas. Notify all residents, staff, visitor and families of current situation.
  • Visitation should be restricted to essential individuals. All visitors should be informed of risk and instructed on proper PPE use prior to entering unit. Other avenues of communication with family should be explored (i.e., face time, skype, etc.).
  • Identify additional isolation rooms limiting to single unit if possible, cohort like cases if necessary (i.g., influenza with influenza, COVID19 with COVID19, etc.).

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